Day-Lux Mobile Spa

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At Day-Lux Spa, we tailor our customers' visits to their needs and make them feel special, pampered, comfortable and safe. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. 


At Day-Lux Spa, we are focused on providing facial, body waxing (Brazilian and bikini), and licensed massage therapy services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. For Brazilian waxing we offer both soft and hard wax. The esthetician will use new materials for each client and we do not double-dip waxing sticks.

We happily welcome male and female clients for therapeutic or esthetic services only. Rude, inappropriate requests will not be tolerated. Thank you!!



Yelp: *****                                                Yelp:*****

"Bottom line- I am now a very satisfied client         "I was nervous about having my legs waxed, but Nina

and would recommend Day-Lux to anyone." -John F.       make the experience pretty much pain free"-Matt N.

Yelp:*****                                                               Yelp:*****                                                  

"Have tried most of spa and waxing service from        " I was amazed how fast Nina did my Brazilian 

 Annandale to Falls Church,found Nina here at Vienna.      waxed, only 15 minutes. No double dipping                

She is the best for waxing" -Nga T.                              the studio is super clean, LOVE IT" -Pretty E.